X-Ray Services

West Texas Health is committed to providing expert care across a range of conditions and situations. Our X-ray technologists and staff have extensive training and expertise in conducting safe, effective X-ray imaging. If you are needing an X-ray near you in Abilene, the health care team at West Texas Health is here for you.
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What Are X-rays?

X-rays serve as one of the most useful forms of medical imaging. They use a form of electromagnetic radiation that can pass through most objects. This property allows X-ray technologists to generate imaging of many of the body’s inner tissues and structures, such as bones. For example, a back X-ray can quickly determine if a disc is damaged or misaligned.

An X-ray machine sends a safe amount of this radiation through the part of the body to be imaged. Some of these X-rays are absorbed by the body’s tissues, while others pass through and are absorbed by a special surface. Images are then generated based on the X-rays that pass through the body. Healthcare providers then can view the resulting images to evaluate conditions and provide diagnoses if applicable.

The entire process is quick and painless, with the X-rays passing through the body without any sensation on the part of the patient. We use precise technology, so only the area of concern will be imaged. For example, a hand X-ray will only image the bones in the hand, with the rest of your body protected.

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Common Types of X-rays

  • General & Routine X-rays: In our non-emergency cases, X-rays can be generally used for specific diagnostic situations.
  • Bone X-rays: Targeted exam to look for breaks or fractures.
    • Back X-ray
    • Neck X-ray
    • Hand X-ray
    • Knee X-ray
    • Shoulder X-ray​​​​
  • Chest X-ray: Examines the heart, lungs, and skeletal structures of the chest (e.g., ribs)
  • Mammogram: Exam for evaluating health of breast tissue
  • Bone Density: Exam for evaluating bone strength


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When to Have an X-ray

X-ray imaging is only ordered when patients have a suspected condition that requires imaging for diagnosis or treatment. In most cases, X-rays are used to examine potential breaks or fractures in the bones, but they can also detect some issues in soft tissues, such as your organs. For example, X-rays are useful in detecting masses or tumors on organs (via an abdominal or chest X-ray).

If you have sustained any physical injury, an X-ray might be ordered. Hand X-rays and neck X-rays are highly common, as even less traumatic damage to these areas can result in fractures or breaks that need to be caught. General or routine X-rays can be part of an overall plan for screening for conditions for select patients. Not everyone needs a routine X-ray regimen, but patients with even low or mild risk for certain conditions may benefit from routine X-rays.

Are X-rays Safe?

Safety and patient well-being are always of utmost concern at West Texas Health. While X-rays do emit and use radiation, the risks are minimal when imaging is performed by an experienced technologist. Most patients will only have a handful of X-rays throughout their lives, which tends to produce only minimal radiation exposure within safe limits. In fact, we are exposed to radiation continuously every day, and the amount of radiation exposure in an X-ray is only about the same as 10 days of routine natural exposure.

Pregnant patients and their developing babies can also safely have X-ray imaging, as long as the abdomen and pelvis are not exposed. If these areas require imaging, then your healthcare provider may order a different imaging modality (e.g., an ultrasound).

Preparing for an X-ray

Your technologist will provide complete instructions before you have your X-ray, but it is helpful to know a few things in advance about preparing for your visit.
  • Avoid skin products (e.g., lotions, creams)
  • Take off any metal or electronic objects
  • Dress in comfortable clothes

Why Choose West Texas Health for General X-Rays?

West Texas Health has dozens of qualified physicians on our staff, each providing quality health care to our patients. Our facilities are equipped with the latest in medical technology for clear, safe, and effective imaging, diagnosis, and management. For over 50 years, West Texas Health has been providing dependable care for patients in Abilene, serving as a core part of the community.

In addition to general and specialized X-rays, our providers offer a range of medical services. From primary care visits to women’s health, our specialists cover care across a spectrum of conditions and patient needs.

Contact West Texas Health Imaging at 325-793-5162 for more information and to learn about scheduling an X-ray exam in Abilene.

Our friendly staff can walk you through the process and provide complete information on how to sign up for an X-ray near you.