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Disease Prevention Made Easy

Our West Texas Health providers aim to prevent the spread of communicable diseases through proactive vaccination efforts. We offer a variety of immunizations for children and adults to make it simple and easy to stay up to date. Our immunization services clinic in Abilene also routinely provides seasonal flu vaccines and the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine on a walk-in basis.
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Whether in a provider’s office or in our Immunization Clinic, patients can take advantage of receiving all their needed vaccinations in a clean, friendly, and personal environment.
Promote a Lifetime of Health

For the Entire Family

Vaccinations are a staple of childhood, protecting your kids from debilitating illness, but they also offer adults key immunity and benefits.

Immunization with

Patient Education of Empowerment

Our vaccination and immunization services include complete information about the vaccination and its benefits. Patients are encouraged to engage with our providers to learn about their treatment and ask any questions they have before proceeding, allowing them to make empowered choices for protecting their own health and that of those they love.

Making the right choice now can provide a lifetime of lowered risk for disease.

Vaccination is about giving patients the power to live with more robust health, reduce risk of disease, and protect those around them all at once. Our mission is to make this as easy as possible for you.
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