3D Digital Breast Mammography

3D Mammogram is one of the most effective tools for the early detection of breast cancer, finding breast cancer in an early stage is the best way to reduce mortality from breast cancer. Outcomes and a nearly 100% cure rate are possible when cancers are found in stage 0, something that’s possible only with screening mammography.
A 3d digital mammography
A 3d digital mammography

This safe procedure plays a central role in saving the lives of women worldwide every day. With 3D breast mammography (also called 3D digital breast tomosynthesis), a detailed image of the breast is btained in thin slices with higher resolution allowing the Breast Imaging MD to see through dense breast tissue.

3D mammography’s unique technology allows a reduced false positive rate which means fewer women are called back for additional views, the accuracy of cancer detection when small is also significantly higher.

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What to Expect During Your Visit?

We conduct 3D digital mammography in a comfortable facility. The exam lasts about 10 to 15 minutes, during which your technician will take detailed X-rays of each breast. The machine compresses the breast between two plates, with the X-ray arm moved to take images of the breast from multiple angles. These individual images are composited to create a 3D representation of each breast’s internal tissues. Results are ready either the same day or the following day. However, a few cases take longer if images need to be compared with prior results. While the exam can be briefly uncomfortable for the breasts, the process is quick.


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When to Schedule Your Mammogram

For patients with no significant risk factors for breast cancer, routine screenings only need to start once you reach 40 years. Annual screenings start at age 40 and to continue until a life expectancy of 7 years is reached. For those with an elevated risk such as a strong family history of cancer, screening should start earlier and mammography may need to be supplemented by screening breast ultrasound.

Why Choose West Texas Health for Mammography

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Contact West Texas Health Imaging at 325-793-5162 for more information and to learn about scheduling a breast mammography in Abilene.

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