Bone Density Scan

Early detection of osteoporosis (or even risk for the disease) can make a life-changing difference. Though there is no cure, effective treatments can slow or stop bone density loss, allowing patients to reduce the risk of painful and debilitating fractures or breaks.
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Bone density scan being done to a male patient
West Texas Health is proud to provide a DEXA bone density scan near you in Abilene. Receive the imaging you need for a conclusive diagnosis, allowing you to build a path forward.
Bone density scan being done to a female patient
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What to Expect During Your Visit

A DEXA (dual X-ray absorptiometry) bone scan is quick, painless, and noninvasive, but it can make a powerful positive difference in your life. The scan itself typically only takes about 15 minutes and is conducted by one of our skilled technicians. Once satisfactory imaging is obtained, the results can be sent directly to your physician. The treatment involves a small amount of X-ray energy being sent through the bones, which a machine then measures how much passed through. A lower mineral content in the bones means more rays pass through, which could be a sign of bone deterioration. Once your results are examined by your physician, then a treatment plan can be built.


Bone density scan being done to a male patient

When to Schedule a Bone Density Scan

Women over 65 and men over 70 years old are recommended to have a bone density scan every other year. People over the age 50 can also be eligible for a bone density scan. Changes in the bone are a natural part of aging, and staying up to date with those changes can provide vital health and lifestyle guidance. Additionally, patients below these ages may need a bone scan to evaluate density if they have additional risk factors for osteoporosis, such as a family history. Early detection is key, as modern treatments can allow patients to preserve bone density and lower their risk for a fracture or break.

Why Choose West Texas Health for Bone Density Imaging

West Texas Health has provided comprehensive care for the Abilene community for over 50 years. Every health provider on our team was carefully selected for their care, compassion, and skill in enriching the lives of their patients. From primary care to essential imaging tests, our center aims to serve our area with quality care for a lifetime of patient health.

Contact the West Texas Health imaging department at 325-793-5162 for more information and to learn about scheduling a visit for a bone density scan in Abilene.

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