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Second Opinion In Abilene

A medical second opinion is when a doctor other than your original physician or specialist goes over exam or imaging results and your overall medical chart. They then can provide support by making an independent diagnosis, ruling out a diagnosis, providing alternate explanations for health issues, offering different treatment plans, or any combination of the above. The goal is to have a second experienced mind evaluate your situation so that your decisions moving forward can be made with greater confidence and peace of mind. At West Texas Health in Abilene, we are proud to offer second opinion services for the results of breast ultrasound, mammography, and pelvic ultrasound.

What to Expect from a Second Opinion Consultation

Second opinions are essential for any situation where a difficult or impactful decision about your health is to be made. Most commonly, patients will seek a second opinion for a diagnosis made from imaging exams, such as a breast ultrasound, mammography, or pelvic ultrasound. Seeking a second opinion is never offensive to your physician and is an expected part of the process, as it promotes patient autonomy, well-being, and safety.

When you have a second opinion consultation at West Texas Health, some of the things to expect can include:

  • Diagnostic Information: A second opinion on test results or exam findings can provide new information, confirm existing diagnoses, or provide alternate explanations for health problems.

  • Exploring Treatments: Medicine is a continually evolving field, and not every medical center offers or is familiar with the same treatments. A second opinion can widen your range of options by working with a physician with a different knowledge base.

  • Empowering Your Decisions: Patient autonomy is central to health care, and a second opinion can put you in more control over your decisions. You can get a better sense of how a treatment works, what side effects might be, and what outcomes may look like.

When to Seek a Second Opinion

We recommend seeking a second opinion for any diagnosis or exam results that could relate to severe illness or treatment options that can substantially impact one's life. Most commonly, a second opinion is sought for cancer or tumor diagnoses, providing further assessment of results from a breast ultrasound, mammography, or pelvic ultrasound.

Why Choose West Texas Health for a Second Opinion

For over 50 years, West Texas Health has been a staple of health care in the Abilene community. Our carefully selected health care providers stand together in providing care that empowers patients and improves outcomes. From primary care visits to second opinion consultations, our center aims to provide for all your health care needs.


Request an Appointment

Contact West Texas Health Imaging at 325-793-5162 for more information and to learn about scheduling a visit for a second opinion consultation in Abilene. Our friendly staff can walk you through the process and provide complete information on how to sign up to receive a second opinion on a breast ultrasound, mammography, or pelvic ultrasound near you.

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